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Wood powder activated charcoal used in wine decolorization

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Mẫu số: HY-24

Additional Info

Bao bì: 25kg or 500 kg in plastic woven bag, or as the customers\' request Wood powder activated charcoal used in wine decolorization

Thương hiệu: Huayang

Xuất xứ: Ningxia, China (Mainland)

Mô tả sản phẩm

Wood powder activated charcoal used in wine decolorization




Product Description

Products Introduction

Powder activated carbon  is made from high quality woodust.  It is produced by a physical  way   which consists of carbonization and activation of gases. It has the developed pore structure  and has the excellent effect to purify the drinking water.

Products Applications

 ◊Suitable for glucose, sucrose, decolorizing maltose sugars such as phase refining, and citric acid, cystine, oil, chemical products, removal of pigment molecules,purification and refining.

 ◊The physical method of powdered activated carbon is suitable for pharmaceutical,food additives, MSG, chemical industry, beverage products such as the decolorization,removing impurities, exquisite, suitable for water purification.


Products Features 

◊Rreasonable pore structure

◊High adsorption ability

◊High mechanical strength

◊Regeneration easily.

Products Key Technical datas 

 ◊ Moisture content ≤ 5.0% 

 ◊ Hardness ≥ 90%

 ◊ Ash content 8-15%

 ◊ Iodine No. :600--1200mg/g

 ◊ C.T.C ≥ 60 %

 ◊ Apparent density :0.45-0.55g/cm3




Packaging & Shipping

Package:Powdered activated carbon products for woven bag lined with polyethylene plastic film bag, net weight 25 kg, the product should be stored in a cool dry place, not with toxic, harmful, smelly product mix storage.


Company Information


Ningixia Huayang Carbon Co.,Ltd. established in 2014, located in Ningxia, where is the biggest Production base of activated carbon, Specializes in the business of activated carbon and carbon additive.

Our company covers an area of 14,000 square meters and has around 150 staff members. Furthermore, all products are manufactured with advanced equipment and strict QC procedures in order to ensure high quality. To ensure big request of yourside.





1, powdered activated carbon during transport to prevent substance mixed with hard, so as not to damage the packaging, product leakage.

2, the transport storage and use, we must absolutely prevent flooding, due to flooding, a lot of water full of activity in the gap, making it useless.

3, to prevent the tar substances in use should be prohibited tar substances into the activated carbon bed, to prevent blockage of carbon clearance, loss of adsorption.

4, activated charcoal fire during storage and transportation, to prevent direct contact with the fire to prevent fire. Avoid regenerating activated carbon regeneration into oxygen and thorough, must be reduced by steam cooling after regeneration below 80 ° C, otherwise the temperature is high, the case of oxygen, carbon combustion.


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